Yavapai College’s Film and Media Arts Program Unveils New Podcast and Documentary Courses for Fall

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Keeping pace with the changing diversity of digital media and communication platforms, Yavapai College’s Film and Media Arts program will offer two new online courses for the fall semester: Podcasting and Film Production and Distribution. documentaries. “If you’re passionate about a subject, podcasting is a great way to tell your story.” said instructor Jeff Wood.

Podcasting is one of the most innovative platforms for creative expression. Research shows that more than half of our country’s population has listened to a podcast. The FMA 104 Podcasting course will guide students through the basics of storytelling, audio production, and digital media. “We walk you through the soft skills – developing an idea and creating digital content.” said Wood. Students who complete the course will be able to research, storyboard, and create a podcast and embed it on websites and social media resources.

The wide variety of streaming platforms has ushered in the “golden age of documentary” as artists and audiences alike rediscover the power of the true story, told well. In FMA’s Documentary Production and Distribution class (FMA 116), documentary filmmaker and producer Lindsay Bane teaches students all the steps between inspiration and production, including research, storytelling, filming and post-production techniques. A former student of Oscar-winning director/producer Barbara Kopple, Bane also teaches students the ethics of responsible storytelling as well as fundraising and distribution plans.

Registration is now open for Yavapai College’s Fall 2020 semester, with classes beginning Monday, August 17. College online at: www.yc.edu.

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