UNM-Taos Digital Media Arts Program Receives Funding From Better Call Saul: UNM Newsroom


Five film programs at higher education institutions in New Mexico have received approximately $ 80,000 in funding from “Better Call Saul” through the New Mexico Film Office (NMFO) Rebate Program.

Schools receiving Giveback funds include:

  • New Mexico State University | Doña Ana Community College
  • New Mexico State University | Scholarship campus
  • University of the Highlands of New Mexico
  • Northern New Mexico University Cinema Program
  • University of New Mexico | Taos branch campus

“We are very grateful to the New Mexico Film Office’s Giveback program for providing these valuable funds to our Digital Media Arts (DMA) program. These funds directly benefit students’ preparation experiences for UNM-Taos,” said Randi Archuleta, UNM- Taos Dean of Education. “With all the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, one area that has really been highlighted here is the resilience of our DMA program and the innovative way it has responded to the needs of our students. ”

New Mexico Film Bureau (NMFO)

You better call Saul

The funds come from the television production “Better Call Saul” as part of the state’s cinema incentive program. The goal of the program is to strengthen New Mexico film schools and related fields, thereby supporting the growth of the film industry workforce in New Mexico. The funds can be used to purchase hardware, software and supplies. The money can also be used for scholarship programs and other opportunities for students.

“The Giveback program was created to ensure that production companies that come to New Mexico also invest in the future New Mexico workforce,” said Alicia J. Keyes, cabinet secretary for the Department of Development. economy of New Mexico.

“The ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Better Call Saul’ productions have done so much for the New Mexico film industry and their contributions go beyond what most even talk about, like this funding for our Giveback program,” he said. said Amber Dodson, director of NMFO. “These financial contributions have a far-reaching, positive impact and are a significant long-term investment for the New Mexico film industry. Programs like this are essential to support ongoing efforts to expand our world-class team and providing students attending New Mexico film schools with the equipment they need to receive a quality education. “


UNM-Taos Digital Media Arts Program

The UNM-Taos DMA program has five instructors and over 100 students.

“These funds from productions shot all over New Mexico allow us to equip our studio with state-of-the-art equipment and help us develop the next generation of media creators,” said Peter Walker, UNM-Taos program coordinator. DMA. “Our goal is for our graduates to stay in New Mexico and use their skills as team members for the New Mexico film and television industry.

“You better call Saul”Has been touring in New Mexico since 2015. The production has donated $ 177,696 to New Mexico film schools as part of NMFO’s Giveback program.


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