UCLA MFA in Media Arts Accepting Applications for Fall 2022

UCLA’s MFA in Media Arts program provides a rigorous environment for the sustained exploration of contemporary art practice in the context of media and technology. Through technical and critical seminars, group reviews, and one-on-one tutorials with faculty, each student is challenged to challenge conventional ideas about art, technology, and new media while developing critical awareness. of his own work.

Located within the prestigious UCLA School of Arts and Architecture, the students of the Department of Design | Media Arts works closely with the department’s world-renowned faculty, which includes Steve Anderson, Jenna Caravello, Johanna Drucker, Erkki Huhtamo, Willem Henri Lucas, Peter Lunenfeld, Lauren Lee McCarthy, Chandler McWilliams, Rebeca Méndez, Christian Moeller , Casey Reas, Ramesh Srinivasan, Jennifer Steinkamp, ​​Eddo Stern and Victoria Vesna. Students may also have the opportunity to take full advantage of the resources provided by UCLA as a leading research university.

Each year, the department hosts a series of conferences featuring a diverse selection of international artists, thinkers and performers. The 2020-2021 lecture series included American artist, Carmen Argote, Caroline Busta, AM Darke, Nikita Gale, Kit Galloway, Marie-José Jongerius, Daniel Maarleveld and Mitch Paone, Mark Ruwedel and MSHR.

Students are offered strong financial aid programs, paid teaching and research assistantships, and access to numerous grants and scholarships. Our student-faculty ratio is less than 2: 1, providing one-on-one mentorship and support. Other resources include 24-hour access to a state-of-the-art fabrication shop and electronics lab, UCLA Game Lab, Art | Sci Center, CounterForce Lab, and UCLA Arts Conditional Studio.

The deadline for applications is January 4, 2022. We are particularly looking for applicants with diverse backgrounds and / or fields of study who might challenge the conception of “media artist”.

To learn more, sign up for a virtual information session or visit mfa.dma.ucla.edu.

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This week, tackling a transphobic comedy special on Netflix, the story behind KKK hoods, cultural identity fraud, an anti-Semitic approach to modern art, and more.

The newly commissioned projection-installation activates an iconic portrait of George Washington, inviting visitors to explore the state of democracy today.

The story of a kidney and the design of a knee evoke centuries-old arguments about plagiarism and appropriation.

The Professional Curatorial Program holds public talks on Zoom with the Queens Museum, the Not an Alternative art collective, and art historian Terry Smith.

A research project follows each statue of a racist figure who fell last summer – and suggests that the possibility of their resurrection looms.

Minneapolis-based Chicano artist Luis Fitch designed the stamps, which were released ahead of the next holiday.

The sale confirmed predictions that the painting’s unconventional backstory would only increase its value.

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