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The New Mexico Academy of Media Arts (fka Media Arts Collaborative Charter School) provides high school students with a comprehensive, project-based, cross-curricular education focused on media arts. We prepare our graduates for positions in the media industries and for the rigors of post-secondary education.

Courses and career paths

Framework and description of the CLR

  • President – Mike Trujillo
  • Vice president – Carolyn Carlson
  • Treasurer – Channing Concho
  • Secretary – Malinda Menke
  • Members – Patti gladstone

Media Arts Board meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m. on ZOOM. If required, Board of Directors working meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday at various times and locations throughout the Nob Hill District.

Media Arts is seeking additional board members with expertise in education, business, law, finance, real estate, construction and building maintenance, or other areas beneficial to the school‘s mission and to the effective and healthy governance of the school. Serving as a board member helps strengthen public education in New Mexico.

To apply, submit a letter of interest and resume to Mike Trujillo at [email protected] These positions will remain open until they are filled. Go to to see the amazing things happening at MACCS.

Meetings of the Board of Directors — Agendas and Minutes


  • President – William Schuh
  • Vice president – Brent Morris
  • Secretary – Lisa Maxwell
  • Trustees -Steve Etkind

The Media Arts Foundation is the private, non-profit 501 (c) 3 company created to help provide new opportunities, but will also financially support the school. The Foundation’s overall role is to obtain funding resources from foundations, businesses and individuals for whom funds are not available from federal, state and local public sources to distribute to the media arts. The Foundation’s multi-level fundraising events and capital programs will ensure the continued growth and advancement of the schools.

The New Mexico Academy for the Media Arts was created by a group of visionaries who share a passion for the media arts.

Media Arts is the first public school to be state chartered by the New Mexico State Department of Public Education. Media Arts opened in September 2008 with Grades 9-10 and is now operating at full capacity with Grades 6-12. As a public charter school, Media Arts focuses on rigorous academics and coursework. electives exclusively in media arts. The school offers Film and television production, History of cinema, Documentary film, Journalism, Media affairs, Animation, Scenarisation, 3D modeling, Game development, Website creation, Photography, Media education, Visual art, Graphic design and Website creation, as well as content courses that meet the requirements for high school graduation and entry to colleges and universities.

Media Arts is also proud to offer dynamic double credit listing with CNM, UNM and IAIA. Internship opportunities with the media industry provide additional optional credits. All of these unique learning opportunities are what make media arts a top-notch and sought-after school for the public to attend.

Media Arts provides an integrated and inclusive curriculum through hands-on, experiential learning that meets New Mexico’s standards for high school graduation. We seek to prepare students for media arts training at the university and college level, as well as to prepare all students to understand the role of media arts in the world and how people’s lives can be affected by it. Our mission stems from the need to provide an education that recognizes the tremendous influence of the media on our children and society. Our vision is that the media arts make a lasting contribution to the growth of the State of New Mexico in the film and television industries through new generations of New Mexico residents, with marketable skills playing a role. important creative role in these industries.

Media Arts is designed to provide media arts education previously unavailable to high school students in New Mexico. The mission statement states that the MACCS:

to prepare students for media arts training at the university and college levels, as well as to prepare all students to understand the role of media arts in the world and how people’s lives are affected.

All major subjects are integrated in collaboration with media arts. Students will work to create digital films, study journalism, produce television and radio programs, design web pages and create short animated films, educated and supervised by professionals in these fields. They will help create community outreach media projects on issues of interest to the school and the local community, and participate in an internship program with media industry professionals. Media arts students will be granted full access to a television studio to produce media for the public as part of their coursework. Our goal is to give New Mexico’s youth the opportunity to work as directors, cinematographers, professional animators, and journalists here in New Mexico.

The Media Arts Educational Method is an outcome-based model designed to enable students to progress through an individual study program according to their needs and interests. Each student will work with a team of teachers, mentors and parents to plan classes and assess progress.

Objectives of the performance framework

Media arts and its students have received significant recognition:

  • Media Arts received 10 Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards.
  • Media Arts was the only public school to be on its list of the best schools in town by ABQ the Magazine.
  • National Geographic “Future Voices of New Mexico Photography Competition” – student work won second and third place in the “Best Overall Photo” category.
  • National Stock Market Game / Competition – Media arts students took third place out of over 10,000 teams.
  • Microsoft’s Robo Rave – Media Arts students took third and fourth places, edging out many science-focused schools.
  • The students’ work has been recognized or awarded at several local independent film festivals, such as the Laugh Out Loud Comedy Fest and the Digital Deserts Film Festival.
  • The City of Albuquerque presented the Media Arts with the Creative Bravo Award in 2012.
  • Media arts get a “B” grade on the 2018 report card! Click here…

Media Arts is proud to be a member or affiliate of the following non-profit organizations:

Society of Film and Television Engineers®

For more than a century, members of the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers® (SMPTE®), pronounced “simp-tee”) have worked out the details of many significant advancements in media and entertainment technology, since the introduction of “talkies” and color television to HD and UHD televisions (4K, 8K). Since its founding in 1916, the Company has received an Oscar® and several Emmy® Awards for its work in advancing motion imaging engineering in the industry. SMPTE has developed thousands of engineering standards, best practices, and guidelines, of which more than 800 are currently in effect today.

Visit our website

Essential Schools Coalition

The Essential Schools Coalition (CES) is at the forefront of creating and sustaining personalized, equitable and intellectually stimulating schools. Essential schools are powerful places of learning where all students have the chance to reach their full potential.

Visit our website

NM Charter Schools Coalition

Our vision is to drive the transformation of education to benefit the diverse needs of students, families and communities.Our mission is to direct and support the quality, growth and autonomy of public charter schools in New Mexico.

Visit our website

National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture

NAMAC promotes and strengthens the culture and business of independent media arts. Through dialogue, collaboration, research and advocacy, we connect, organize and develop organizations.

Visit our website

New Mexico Technology Council

The New Mexico Technology Council (NMTC) is an association led by members of companies, organizations, and technology professionals who work together to promote the growth and success of New Mexico’s technology industries. We believe our tech community is the catalyst for inspiration and leadership that transforms our state into a global hub for business innovation, creative thinking, community engagement, and educational support.

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New Mexican women in the movies

New Mexico Women in Film is a New Mexico-based outreach network committed to the professional development and success of women in the film and television community through mentoring, networking, education and outreach. community.

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Nob Hill Studios

Nob Hill Studios is particularly well equipped for independent and small-scale film production.

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