The Media Arts Festival Media Arts Seasons is back in town!

September 17 to October 17, 2021

The Urban Media Arts Seasons Festival of Media Arts presents a new edition for the Karlsruhe Culture Summer 2021. Video, sound and light installations, projections on facades and streets, artistic interventions and interactive projects with a focus especially on the media artists will be on view from September 17 to October 17, 2021 in public spaces in Karlsruhe.

How do we want to live in the future? Under the title Connected Future, this year’s festival explores the limits and possibilities between virtual and analog space, between the apparent estrangement of digital technologies and the human need for physical closeness and social interaction. Artists who work at the intersection of art and technology demonstrate with their often software-based works a keen awareness of the complex social and psychological dynamics that accompany digitization. They study how the future can be shaped today through interconnection, networking and exchange.

This collaboration between the Karlsruhe Department of Cultural Affairs and the ZKM gives media artists the opportunity to present their works in various urban locations.

“In Karlsruhe, the city and the media arts maintain a strong link that impacts urban society and sends its rays out into the world. With Connected Future, the festival addresses global social issues that concern us all. It brings together art, science and technology. And with the Media Arts Seasons, I am really very happy that Karlsruhe is presenting itself for the third year in the best possible light as a UNESCO City of Media Arts,” says the Mayor of Karlsruhe, Dr. Frank Mentrup, about the launch of the party.

Besides the works ACCESS by Marie Sester, Saving Water by PONG.Li Studios and The Silent Chaos of Colors by Eva Judkins and Holger Förterer, which could not be shown last year due to the pandemic, the exhibition this year also includes a number of works supported by the UNESCO Media Arts Project Support Program of the City of Karlsruhe. Also on display are two works from the international initiative City to City, launched by the Media Arts Hub of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, the work Klangkanal by Peter Weibel, a literary dialogue with works produced by the Badisches Staatstheater , and new works by Karlsruhe artists Sarah Degenhardt, Sarai Rose Duke, Rainer Kehres, Jia Liu, Didi Müller, Andreas Siefert, Gerardo Nolasco-Rózsás and Dan Wilcox.

“Through its networked character, media art allows decentralized localities. As such, he is able to leave the museum and enter the urban space. The networked nature of media art is a glimpse of the networked future,” says Prof. Peter Weibel, President of ZKM.

The Media Arts Seasons will be presented at many locations in public spaces across the city. These include Werderplatz, Südliche Waldstraße, Stephanplatz and Nymphengarten. In addition, visitors will discover works of media art in the showcases and foyers, at the Badisches Staatstheater, the Kinemathek Karlsruhe, the Tollhaus, the ZKM and the Regierungspräsidium on Rondellplatz.

“The festival is unique because it brings media art into the public realm where people live and work, meet or walk. An unmissable event for all media art enthusiasts! said the deputy mayor, Dr. Albert Käuflein.

The opening of the festival is also when Dr Susanne Asche retires and hands over to her successor Dominika Szope, who will lead the Department of Cultural Affairs in Karlsruhe, and therefore also lead the major undertaking of the UNESCO City of media arts. , from October 1st.

“The Media Arts Seasons are the result of new thinking, the promotion of culture and good collaboration. In this way, a space for creativity and reflection on the issues of our time can be created that inspires, connects and connects,” says Dominika Szope, ZKM.

All the works presented in the Media Arts Seasons are accessible with the UrbanExplorAR web application via two different modes of use: via location sharing and augmented reality, the works can be explored in their real environment, and in addition the The app offers biographical information and content related information about respective works and artists.

Twice a week, the ZKM organizes free bike tours to the city’s works of art. More information at

About Karlsruhe as a UNESCO City of Media Arts
In 2019, the city of Karlsruhe applied for the title of UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts. The strategy: fostering creativity, diversity and networking in a democratic balance through media technologies and media arts — this is also what the Media Arts Seasons represent. Karlsruhe has been accepted into the UNESCO network, and this media art event, organized by the ZKM and the city of Karlsruhe, has been established as an urban art festival.

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