The Lied Center and the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts Present a Groundbreaking New Performance Experience

Enter the world of The Wilds – a new mixed reality performance experience where movement instantly becomes music as emerging technology allows dancers to create an immersive journey of sound, light and visual media in real time. Part mythology, part utopian vision, The Wilds merge live dancers with motion capture technology and real-time animation inspiring a deep bond of shared collective experience.

Produced through a partnership between the Lied Center for Performing Arts and the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts, The Wilds is a collaborative work of acclaimed choreographer Laurel Jenkins, Grammy-nominated producer/composer Lewis Pesacov, and internationally acclaimed visual artist Jesse Fleming, founding director of the Awareness-Based Design Lab at the University of Nebraska. of Lincoln Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts. The machine learning collaboration was provided by Max UrbanyMS Data Science at Harvard University and Z by HP Global Data Science Ambassador.

The Wilds will be presented from October 6 to 15 at the Lied Center’s Johnny Carson Theater. Tickets are available now at liedcenter.orgby phone at (402) 472-4747, and in person at the Lied Center box office.

Fleming says, “I think what we’re seeing right now is this sort of acceleration of humanity in virtual space. So we’re working with the tension point of what it means to enter digital space, that what does it mean to be in this body, this innate body of sensors, and what does it mean to reflect that outwards How the connection to each other and our unified belonging to the earth exists they at the moment?

Lied Center Executive Director Bill Stephan said, “The Lied Center has been developing and supporting new work for decades, and we consider it an essential part of our mission both as leading national arts broadcaster and as a Fellow of the University of Nebraska. Lincoln Since Johnny Carson The Center for Emerging Media Arts opened on the UNL campus in 2019, we worked to find a meaningful way to collaborate, and when EMA professor Jesse Fleming started sharing his work by putting live dancers in a real-time mixed reality environment, we had found our project. Jesse then connected us with his talented staff and, under the guidance of EMA’s founding director, Megan Elliot, The Wilds was born.”

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