The Future of Illustration: Aaliya Jaleel’s Spectacular Journey from Dallas Media Arts Student to Disney Animation

AMT: What are you currently working on?

A J: I just finished working on special episodes for the Disney Junior show “Mira, Royal Detective”. I worked on a bunch of character designs for some really exciting episodes. I can’t say too much, but there will be a lot of great costume design, a lot of great characters. In addition, I have worked on a few covers for Muslim rom-com novels and other public projects. So I have a few things on the desk.

AMT: In terms of character design, how does it all fit together?

A J: So for 3D animation, when it comes to character design, we don’t have to do all of the expressions because they usually have a basic design. But I had to do a lot of flips, which involved drawing a character from different angles. So like a side profile or the back view or if there is a specific detail, say like there is a scene with her taking off her tikka, you should draw the character with or not and therefore these little details. specials.

AMT: As a Muslim artist, have you ever felt compelled to create only art suitable for Muslims?

A J: I love working on Muslim characters and South Asian characters, but I really think it’s exciting to have a project that’s very different and it’s more about the skills I bring instead of what I represent.

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