Squeaky Wheel: Access to Media Arts Education since 1985

Media art is not explored too much at a young age. Fortunately, I was introduced to this in the second year of high school. I learned the basics of video editing, graphic design and the power of storytelling through a multimedia platform. Without this class in high school, I would not have found my current multimedia journalism career path. Exploring these different art forms at a young age can steer someone’s life down a path they didn’t know they were destined for.

As the arts are increasingly cut off from public schools, young students may need to find another place to let their creative beast out of its cage. Media arts education is lacking. This includes, but is not limited to, graphic design, film production, video editing, and web design. With several workshops to choose from in these areas, squeaky wheel offers a solution to this problem. By providing access to people with knowledge of all forms of media art, Squeaky Wheel is a place for young people to go and excel in talents they may not even have known about. Students are sure to learn something new to Squeaky Wheel in one of the following programs: Media art workshops, Professional development, Technological arts for young people, technical arts for girls, Buffalo Youth Media Institute and West side studios. Squeaky Wheel is located on the first floor of the Market Arcade Complex at 617 Main Street. The public gallery and access hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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To give an idea of ​​the variety of services they offer, some of the most recent workshops they presented were Documentary Filmmaking, Character Animation, and Interactive Storytelling in Unity. A few that are still available to sign up for this summer are Design It, Video Editing, Field Recording, Virtual Reality, eCollage, The Commercial, and more. Besides that, they feature various artists and guest speakers. The ongoing exhibition, titled “Shape of a Pocket”, explores the power of activism in art and will be open until August 26. Already reviewed by Buffalo Vibethis exhibition sounds like a must.

Comprised of installations, performances, single-screen video works, video games, locative sounds and media pieces, the exhibition points to stresses and traumas that have roots long before our current political moment, while offering visions, sounds and networks for a future. -Squeaky Wheel, the shape of a handheld exhibit

Squeaky Wheel is WNY’s only non-profit organization that provides education with access to equipment and exhibit programming for film and digital media arts. Their core values ​​are creativity and experimentation, media and digital literacy, community engagement and collaboration, and equal access. They have won several awards and are supported by well-known local and national foundations.

Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center’s mission is to continue a legacy of innovation in media arts through access, education and exposure. We envision a community that uses electronic media and film to celebrate freedom of expression and diversity of voices.

-Squeaky Wheel Mission and Vision

To register for a workshop at Squeaky Wheel, visit squeaky.orgcall 716-884-7172 or email [email protected]

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