Senior Emerging Media Arts Interns with LA Clippers | Nebraska today

Sam Rice, Senior Emerging Media Arts, completed an internship this summer with the NBA‘s Los Angeles Clippers in their digital media department as a video producer.

“Really, it ended up being an all-encompassing experience, where I was really treated like a full-time worker and I was doing photo work, video work, producing daily social edits for our various platforms, being part of the training center team, but then also gaining that business operations experience,” he said. “I had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas for a week to capture league content. ‘summer. Just living with this team with the full-time employees as the only intern was a unique experience. I feel like I have made some connections there now that will definitely benefit me in the future.

Rice was in Los Angeles from June 4 to August 15.

“Coming from Lincoln and being born and raised in Lincoln, I didn’t know what to expect,” he said. “But the weather is nice and there are so many things to do. I was able to explore the beaches and nightlife of LA and really everything that comes with being in the city. But living alone was also a huge moment of growth.

Rice previously worked in the Nebraska Department of Athletics’ emerging and digital media division, affectionately known as Corn Crib and continues to work there this fall.

“If it hadn’t been for this opportunity here with the Corn Crib and all these experiences that I’ve had that filled a portfolio, the opportunity this summer wouldn’t have been possible,” Rice said. “And it’s also a tribute to the Carson Center, because I didn’t really get into video work until I came to the Carson Center my freshman year. I was surrounded by a lot of really cool mentors who gave me helped me succeed in the beginning, and now I’m kind of starting to be a freelance creative.

Rice said he was a basketball fan, but he wasn’t necessarily a NBA fan until his experience this summer.

“I really enjoyed working with Nebraska basketball,” Rice said. “That’s what opened my eyes to the quality of working with a basketball team, as opposed to maybe even the football team, because it’s such an intimate sport where the team is much smaller. You build these personal relationships. Then I looked for opportunities in the NBA.”

Rice said just being with the team was the best part of her internship experience.

“My daily routine was waking up, going to film their morning practices, building relationships with players and people on the basketball operations side,” he said. “Everybody has pretty big goals, so it was just a good group to be around.”

Rice remains with the team as an independent contractor throughout the season.

“I’ll just be an extra helping hand when they need projects to complete,” he said. “During the winter break, I’m going to fly out and shoot some games, but if not, they’ll send me assets, and I can ship them back.”

Rice said he gained a lot from the internship.

“Personally, I think I’ve gained a lot of independence and maturity,” he said. “Professionally, a super valuable network that I will be able to use and leverage for opportunities in the future. But also, just a lot of technical skills. Everyone who has worked there is incredibly talented and they are very helpful in developing those skills as well at the younger guys. It was awesome. I think I noticed a huge increase in production value in the first three weeks of it being there.

He said his biggest challenge was overcoming the “impostor syndrome” that many people struggle with.

“Do I deserve this? And understand my own worth,” he said. “I think I accepted that and really built my confidence over the summer because I got the opportunity to actually contribute, instead of just coffee shopping. So that was definitely the biggest challenge, but also now, looking back, the biggest blessing, too, to create those opportunities.

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