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Why Choose Digital Media School?

The School of Digital Media at Ferris State University is the perfect place to find majors for students who want to become creative storytellers. The school offers three unique, state-of-the-art, forward-thinking programs.

Seeking to develop both the creative mind and the technical know-how to effectively deliver stories, students use industry-standard software and equipment through project-based coursework to learn their craft. . In each major, this applied approach to learning is combined with small class sizes, internships with industry leaders, proven track records of success, and faculty who bring the perfect blend of education and of experience in the industry.

Digital media
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Digital Media Faculty and Staff

Virtual Learning Center

We will be moving to the brand new Center for Virtual Learning (CVL) for the Fall 2023 semester. With next-generation classrooms and labs, an advanced cyber competition center, and a state-of-the-art esports arena, CVL will place you at the center of a new era of education.

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Showreel School of Digital Media

Digital animation and game design

The Digital Animation and Game Design (DAGD) program aims to train students in the latest tools and technologies used to create digital and interactive content.

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Digital Media Software Engineering

The Digital Media Software Engineering program teaches software development from conception to delivery. You will understand software engineering as a process and best practices that will prepare you for careers in computing, business, healthcare, automotive, robotics, smart devices, and entertainment.

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Television and digital media production

Whether you enjoy learning how to make movies, producing your own show to stream over the internet, working behind a camera, or editing images and sound, the Television and Digital Media Production (TDMP) major is the best way to reach your television or your digital media. goals. Together, our award-winning faculty have over 100 years of experience working in professional television and digital media production environments and are highly respected nationwide to prepare students for a myriad of related careers.

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Associate’s Degree in Digital Media

The Associate’s degree combines existing coursework in the Digital Animation and Game Design (DAGD), Digital Media Software Engineering (DMSE), and Television and Digital Media Production (TDMP) programs into one degree. introductory and exploratory within the school. It allows students to complete their general education requirements while enrolling in courses across the Digital Media Studies curriculum.

Upon completion of this two-year degree, students will be in a better position to succeed if they transfer to the Ferris campus in Grand Rapids to complete a bachelor’s degree in DAGD or DMSE while exposing all students to a variety of media, positioning them better as they choose their specialty.

This 2+2 degree is designed to provide students with a smooth transition into one of three bachelor’s degrees within the school, although it is not necessary to obtain this degree prior to entry into the licensing programs.

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