SBVC’s Institute of Media Arts is Hosting a Filmmakers Conference with Iconic That 70’s Show Editor Michael Karlich

Manny Sandoval Photos: IE 48 Hour Film Project Producer Kevin Lyons moderates a panel of four distinguished insider filmmakers, who provided insight into producing a quality film in 48 hours.

On Saturday, September 17, the Institute of Media Arts (IMA) held its Inland Empire 48 Hour Film Project Filmmaker Conference, which provided filmmakers across the region with the tools, resources and confidence they need to transform their filmmaker’s dreams into reality.

San Bernardino Valley College’s Institute of Media Arts is affiliated with the college’s Department of Film, Television, and Media (FTVM), which provides students and the public with a pathway to film, television, and all media platforms via film projects, tools and resources, internships, and jobs.

The conference held four different panels, which featured veteran 48 Hour Film project participants who won awards for their short films, Inland Empire Film Services and Michael Karlich, publisher of That 70’s Show.

A group of proud filmmakers posing for a photo between panels.

“The one thing about Netflix and any of those streaming services is when you were on the network you knew your ratings. Netflix is ​​a freaking genius because they won’t leak anything. You don’t have no idea if you’re a blockbuster hit; they won’t tell you,” Karlich said.

“Think about it, if I’m an actor and I know I’ve got Netflix on a barrel and we’re their best show in many years, you can say double my salary, or I won’t. But Netflix won’t disclose anything,” Karlich continued.

During his roundtable with IMA director Lucas Cuny, he shared his professional background and gave some simple but practical advice.

“Hard work never gets old, and hard work rarely goes unnoticed. It’s not necessary to know exactly what you want to do when you start your business, because there are many ways to make a living from it. But know that everything everyone knows everyone, so work hard,” concluded Karlich.

Inland Empire’s 48 Hour Film Project producer Kevin Lyons also reminded attendees of the upcoming audition event on Saturday, September 24.

“I want to remind everyone that we are having an audition event for the Inland Empire’s 48 Hour Film Project here at San Bernardino Valley College at MC-142 next Saturday September 24th. It’s a great opportunity for you to research actors, audition to star in a short film, network, and even join a crew,” Lyons said.

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To learn more about the 48-hour Inland Empire film project and its audition event, visit

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