Satanists convince the Rose Tree Media School District in Delaware County, Pennsylvania to change the dress code

MEDIA, Pa. (WPVI) — A local Satanic organization has convinced a Delaware County school district that its dress code discriminates against Satanists.

Joseph Rose, the founder of a local organization called Satanic Delco, said other Satanists with children attending schools in the Rose Tree Media School District made him aware of dress code verbiage prohibiting any clothing or equipment from “satanic nature”.

“The idea that a public school would allow religious expression in school, but choose to single out and prohibit expression of a specific religion obviously seemed like a problem to us,” Rose said.

It took about a month of regular emails and phone calls to the district before the superintendent sent out an announcement reading in part “…Although we have not received any complaints or concerns from a student, parent, or resident, we will remove this language from our current dress code information in the student handbook.”

After reading the full statement, Villanova law professor Ann Juliano said the district likely did the right thing.

“I really like the way they phrased it. They recognize that there could be religious beliefs that are problematic, not that there are, but that there could be, and so they would remove it,” she said.

But most people Action News spoke to in the media said it makes you wonder when exercising your rights is going too far.

“I wouldn’t want anything satanic or bigoted on clothing in schools,” said Lisa Cutrufello of Clifton Heights.

“It’s like a matter of free speech. Are they going to allow the Nazis to put symbols on kids’ shirts and send them to school,” Media’s Donna Willis said.

Meanwhile, Rose said he will continue to fight schools over their dress code decisions.

“It kind of raises awareness of what Satanists are, what we’re not, and maybe helps hold us a little bit accountable when we have to reach out to the next high school, which I do. “, did he declare.

Rose previously launched a similar campaign involving the Garnet Valley School District, which currently bans clothing and gear with satanic or “cultist” imagery.

According to the Satanic Delco website, the group does not worship Satan, but rather believes that religion can and should be separated from superstition.

“We do not promote belief in a personal Satan. To adopt the name Satan is to embrace a rational pursuit away from supernaturalism and archaic tradition-based superstitions. Satanists should work actively to refine critical thinking and exercise a Reasonable agnosticism in all things. Our beliefs must be malleable to the best current scientific knowledge of the material world – never the other way around,” read a statement on the website.

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