Police: No local threat found in school violence allegations on social media | Local News

MANKATO — Police in Mankato are aware of vague warnings of school violence circulating on a social media platform, but say they have found no evidence of a local threat.

Posts about potential school violence spread on TikTok on Friday, with most not naming any schools or providing further details.

Mankato Public Safety Department Deputy Director Jeremy Clifton said the department was working with school officials and had spent a lot of time reviewing locally shared warning reports. But they couldn’t find any messages of local origin.

“We are suing him to keep our students safe. We take them very seriously,” he said. “More often than not, we find it’s not a localized threat.”

The US Department of Homeland Security also issued a statement Friday morning that said there were no known credible threats. But the department encouraged the public to “stay alert”.

Superintendent of public schools in the Mankato region. Paul Peterson sent a similar message to parents on Thursday.

“{span}Absent a credible threat, we have no plans to alter the regular school day for tomorrow,” the letter reads. “That said, please report anything suspicious or concerning to your school principal immediately. School officials will work with local public safety partners to assess each situation on a case-by-case basis and follow up with students and families accordingly.”{/span}

At least a few parents in the Mankato area said on social media that they opted to keep their children home from school on Friday.

A few Minnesota school districts closed Friday in response to possible local threats. Two underage students were arrested in Brainerd.

Clifton said her department expects to receive and investigate more reports from parents concerned about social media posts on Sunday night, as it’s a time when parents tend to go online and social media. see posts from previous days.

“We are pursuing each of them as they come in individually and making sure we are doing our due diligence,” he said.

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