Peoria Public Library Partners with PPS to Launch New Media Literacy Program


PEORIA (Heart of Illinois ABC) – Peoria Public Schools and Peoria Public Library are kicking off Media Literacy Week with a new program to teach students how to become smarter consumers of media.

The library helps students learn about false information circulating on the Internet.

This year, Illinois became the first state to require high schools to teach media literacy.

Peoria Public Library executive director Randall Yelverton said the library is working with nonprofits such as the Center for News Literacy and Freedom Forums to provide course materials that help students discern true information. and false.

“It’s often immediate, it’s not always precise, but there’s a lot of it,” Yelverton said.

“It can become difficult when you are inundated with all this information to discern right from wrong when it is so important,” he added.

PPS Superintendent Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat said media literacy is more important than ever with apps like Facebook and Snapchat spreading so much information quickly.

“I would love to see the students involved in creating this unit,” Kherat said.

“Talk about the pros and cons, the responsibilities,” she continued. “I think it’s exciting and it’s very timely and very, very much needed.”

Kherat said they are considering implementing media literacy in an existing course like English.

The program will start next school year.


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