ODDTAXI and Sonny Boy win the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival Awards

From anime and manga to artwork and video games, the Japan Media Arts Festival has celebrated outstanding works from a wide range of media for 25 consecutive years, and this year’s lineup was just as special. .

Here are the anime and manga that earned 3,537 entries across all fields for 2021:

Entertainment department

  • Excellence in Animated Feature Award: Fortune favors Lady Nikuko
  • Excellence Award for Animated Television Series: sonny boy
  • Social Impact Award: Pui Pui Molcar
  • New Face Award for Animated Television Series: ODDTAXI

Manga Pole

  • Grand Prize: golden raspberry
  • Excellence Award: The Darwin Incident, Dead Dead Dead Dededede Demon Destruction, Hokkyoku Department Store Janitor
  • Social Impact Award: Onna no Sono no Hoshi
  • New Face Award: Fiancé and two creatures, Rolling Siblings, lost boy london

Shuzo John Shiota, the president of Polygon Pictures (Knights of Sidonia, BLAME!), also won a Special Achievement Award.

You can consult the complete list of award-winning works and international personalities here.

Source: Official website of the Japan Media Arts Festival

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