Milton retiree works on behalf of media literacy


MILTON – In the age of smartphones and social media, messages come from all sides at once.

David Green strives to give young people the tools to sift through the jumble of messages they receive every day to find out the truth. The Canton Avenue resident is the volunteer program director of Media Literacy Now, a grassroots organization based in Watertown for a decade that has worked to bring media education to local schools and across the country.

Green joined the group two years ago after retiring from a 30-year career as a corporate trainer working with some of the country’s largest companies. He said his interest in the media and health issues led him to the group.

“I’ve always thought it was important to help families deal with this onslaught of media messages,” Green said. “Help people use critical thinking skills to interpret messages. “

Green said young people are “just bombarded” with information.

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The messages go beyond the nation’s increasingly polarized politics to advertising, music and other aspects of pop culture, he said. For example, some online messages can lead to health issues like obesity, depression, and bullying.

“We are trying to explain the concept beyond information literacy,” he said.

In a 2020 report, the group said that “students in the United States, for the most part, are not learning the skills to discern the quality of information they find online.”

Green said the group’s main focus is on policy and working on legislation to introduce media education in schools. The group also researches and conducts public awareness campaigns.

His duties keep Green primarily behind the scenes, working on the group’s website and resource guide.


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