Media Literacy Educator Certification Wins NAMLE Award

The National Association for Media Literacy (NAMLE) has selected the PBS Media Literacy Educator certification by KQED for the Media Literate Media Award 2022. This award recognizes outstanding contributions to media literacy made by media professionals with a national scope. Past recipients of this award are Bill Moyers,, On the Media/WNYC, and PBS News Hour Student Reporting Labs.

We are thrilled with this award, but most importantly, we are inspired by teachers who make media literacy a priority for their own growth and then bring these skills to their students.

Here’s what educators have to say about what they got out of becoming Certified PBS Media Literacy Educators:

This certification has made me more aware of all aspects of media literacy and the importance of modeling these literacies for the teachers and students I work with. —District Technology Integration Specialist, K-2 teachers and students

I realized that I needed a personal ‘upgrade’, especially in technology and media education. Media literacy certification signifies that the journey of improvement – ​​how to create, evaluate, analyze, evaluate and use media – has begun and is continuing. I feel more prepared to inspire, instruct and guide students, one step at a time, so that they are also media literate. -Spanish teacher

The additional learning I completed in order to earn this certification and the strategies I developed to implement the lessons toward this certification have already strengthened my practice. I am also now a recognized leader in my school community for media-based instruction and assessment. —High school English teacher

This free skills-based certification program guides you through earning 8 micro-certificates that demonstrate and validate your media literacy skills. Open to educators of all grades and subjects and those who mentor other teachers. You do not know where to start ? We offer free online courses on KQED Teach that help you gain the skills and knowledge needed to start earning micro-certificates and becoming certified.

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