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LOS ANGELES, January 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – To celebrate Martin Luther King jr. Day, Ny Gyra Lawson created an animated salute to pay tribute to the civil rights hero. Lawson worked as a media arts teacher via Zoom with elementary and high school students to bring their writing to life using the Story Maker® animation program.

The 24-year-old artist and teacher took on all production roles to create her lively tribute. She wrote the screenplay, performed the voice, produced the animation and did the final cut. She helps students across the country learn these same skills to tell their stories every day.

“Students find it difficult to express themselves, especially in these turbulent times. When they use one of the animated characters on the Story Maker® platform, they have a second voice to tell their story, ”says Lawson.

This Martin Luther King jr. Day, Ms. Lawson used her voice to continue to carry Dr. King’s message of equality and hope.

Story Maker®, is an educational tool by project co-created by Terry thoren, the former CEO of Klasky Csupo, Inc., the company that produced Rugrats. Story Maker® was created based on research on “phenomena-based learning”. Students are more engaged in learning about a phenomenon when it comes from the real world and is relevant to their daily lives. Animation is relevant to every student’s daily life, and Story Maker® makes their reading and writing relevant.

“Animation is the world’s most popular form of entertainment. Educators find that students who struggle to apply formal teaching methods thrive with the use of Story Maker®“Said the CEO of Wonder Media Terry thoren. “Students learn authentic life skills such as communication, collaboration, compromise, critical thinking and team building. It is a joy to see the students come to life with enthusiasm. “

On: Wonder Media is an animation production studio in Los Angeles, California produce animated stories to connect with at-risk children with content that addresses hunger, teenage suicide prevention, emergency preparedness, socio-emotional learning, thinking criticism, autism, nutrition, children with disabilities and children living in a household with an adult addict. Their flagship products, WonderGrove Social Skills and WonderGrove SOAR for students in exceptional circumstances Teach kids in Kindergarten to Grade 2 social skills, life skills and more through over 250 animated stories and over 2,000 printable extension lessons. The studio also produced animated lessons for the World Institute for Habits of the Mind, the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation, the Kitchen center for human connection, the Betty Ford Children’s Center, the Hero in You Foundation. Wonder Media is also the creator of Wonder Media Story Maker®, which turns classrooms into state-of-the-art animation production studios. Research shows that when students use authentic production tools, the experience ignites reading and writing engagement. Story Maker® operates in 212 school districts in 24 states nationwide.

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