Media arts design students stage uncontrollable exhibition with mixed art forms

An encrypted flyer with a Snapchat code can unlock dancing bears your phone screen. Using augmented reality, the project is one of the works that will be exhibited during the opening of the exhibition of media arts of design Thusday.

The exhibition, titled “Breking the Rules” will present undergraduate student works in the Design Media Arts program and consists of more than 50 student projects. The exhibition will take place until February 1 in the New Wight Gallery at the Broad Art Center. This year’s theme, “Breaking the Rules,” focuses on work that transcends boundaries and limitations. Amy Fang, a sophomore media arts student and lead co-curator of the exhibition, said the event pushed artists out of their comfort zone by incorporating new art forms.

“Conceiving media arts as a major field inherently breaks many rules. We are merging digital a lot with physical boundaries and merging between design and art, which is sometimes seen as a separate field, ”said Fang. “There are always these implicit rules implicit in every medium and we wanted people to take it further. “

One of the limitations of the exhibition, for example, is that this year some of the pieces incorporated architectural models, Fang said, which is normally done at the School of Arts and Architecture. However, she said the media arts of design have always been open to merging boundaries, as the philosophy of the department is to synthesize and hybridize discourses and practices.

Professor Willem Henri Lucas, undergraduate director of the media arts design program, says previous years the annual the exhibition was More faculty oriented and presented the curriculum of the program. Now the art exhibition is mainly run by students. He said students of all years came together and decided on a theme and a name for the show. Everyone in the major was invited to submit their work for a chance to be displayed, and over 80 submissions were received.

A key concept of the works on display at the exhibition is the fusion between art and technology, said Darin Buzon, a fourth year student in media art and design and artist presenting at the exhibition. He regularly incorporates technology into his projects, whether through coding or web development. For his work in the exhibition, he uses Processing, a programming language developed by the professors of the department. This will allow his work to be interactive by using motion detectors to project the silhouette of the spectators on his work. When creating projects, Buzon said he uses his art as a way for people to reflect on themselves.

Lisa Chen, a fourth-year media arts and design student showcasing her work in the exhibition, also said art can reflect the way people see the world and themselves. But unlike Buzon, Chen will only use one machine for his display: a sewing machine. Using two easels and a piece of plywood, Chen will build a table that is typically used for sawing wood. Instead, however, she will sew dresses, using pink fabric, she said. felt right for the show. Wear one olive nature jumpsuit, Chen will sew live at the exhibition. Every day, she will hang up the new dresses and her project will never stop growing. She said the idea for the project came to her after going to Home Depot to buy plywood and the employees didn’t take it seriously. Through this work, she said she was exploring the idea of ​​incorporating constructed feminine concepts, such as pink fabric and tailoring, into a space designed to be masculine.

I had to learn what art was for me and how it helped me understand the world. In some ways it’s almost like therapy and it’s not just therapy for yourself, it’s therapy for your community, your friends and your peers, ”Chen said. “What I have tried to do with my work is explore ideas that I always try to understand and bring them to the fore. opening a dialogue and conversation with each other.

Covering the plain white walls of the New Wight Gallery, colorful, innovative and diverse projects venture outside the traditional arts and represent the different skill sets of students, Fang said. Not only has this show become an annual celebration within the department, Lucas said, but it also allows the department to invite industry professionals to attend the show. This gives students the opportunity to meet companies that interest them. Chris Kim, Co-Senior Curator and Fourth Year Student of Media Arts Design, also said the showcase is an exciting moment when, despite the multiplicity inherent in the discipline, the department manages to come together.

“Being different is good because each person is really unique. What if we have all these unique people in one room, the show becomes like a body, ”he said. “The exhibition itself seems to be a whole with all these collections of different artists and their different states of mind.”

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