MDC Professor Receives National Council of Teachers of English Media Literacy Award

Miami, October 19, 2021 – Émilie Andréa Sendin, Miami Dade College (MDC) Padrón campus professor of English, literature and creative writing, received the Media Education Award speak National Council of English Teachers (NCTE). She will receive the award at a virtual ceremony on Thursday, October 21.

The Media Literacy Award is a prestigious national award given to a single educator each year. It presents NCTE members who have developed innovative approaches to integrate media analysis and composition into their teaching.

A selection committee noted “the breadth and range of ways in which Professor Sendin engages media education in her classes at Miami Dade College.” The student project examples have shown strength in and across the four award criteria, particularly in terms of community collaborations and the way students are invited to create and analyze media texts. The principles of media literacy have been incorporated into all of the projects described, and the candidate’s candid descriptions of successes and ongoing goals reflect the challenges of implementing this work. The committee appreciates the wide range of student projects and heartfelt thoughts present in the digital portfolio.

During his more than 22 years at the MDC, Professor Sendin was appointed Endowed Teaching Chair, Fulbright Fellow, and Florida Campus Contact Service-Learning Faculty of the Year. She received a BA and MA in English with a concentration in Feminist Studies from Florida International University. Her areas of expertise are African American literature, postcolonialism and feminist theories, and media studies. At MDC, she teaches Global Sustainability and Earth Literacy Studies, Service Learning, and Honors College courses. She is the founding advisor of Urban, the award-winning literary and artistic magazine run by students on the Padrón campus. She is also the founding advisor of Hermione’s army, a chapter of Fandom Forward, an international organization whose mission is to use the power of history for social activism. In addition, Professor Sendin is the co-founder of the 17-year-old Tengo un Sueño educational program by FNE International. His passions include books, art, travel, teaching, writing, and service.

The National Council of English Teachers (NCTE) is dedicated to improving the teaching and learning of English and the language arts at all levels of education. For over 100 years, NCTE has worked with its members to provide journals, publications and resources; promote the voice and expertise of educators as advocates for their students at the local and federal levels; and share lesson ideas, research and teaching strategies through its annual conference and other professional learning events. For more information, please visit

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