Islington School of Arts and Media students ready to mark the world after receiving GCSE results

Students at the Islington School of the Arts and Media are “ready to make their mark in the world,” according to the chief education officer of the Islington Council.

Susan Service, Director of AMSI, with Nasra Abubakar, on the left, and Race Hassan, on the right. Islington Council Photo
– Credit: Archant

Cllrs Joe Caluori and Richard Watts attended AMSI with the Mayor of Islington, Cllr Dave Poyser yesterday morning (Thursday) to congratulate the students as they collect their results.

Cllr Caluori, Head of Children, Youth and Families, said: “Our students this year faced a double challenge – the big shift towards exams at the end of their classes and a whole new grading system – c It is therefore all the more impressive that they came out with flying colors.

“As I met so many students today, I was struck by their dedication, enthusiasm and ambition to make their mark in the world.

“I know how hard the teachers have worked to support our students through this as well, and they should be just as proud of helping our next generation be the best they can be. Congratulations to everyone involved.

The Mayor of Islington with Nasra Abubakar, left, and Race Hassan.  Islington Council Photo

The Mayor of Islington with Nasra Abubakar, left, and Race Hassan. Islington Council Photo
– Credit: Archant

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Among those who celebrated was Race Hassan, who followed in the footsteps of her older sister, a high-flying alumnus of the school, earning four grades 8, four grades 7, one grade 6 and two grades 5. .

He said: “Last year my sister came out on top of the school so I wanted to do the same. You take the exams and looking back you think, “Oh, if only I had put this instead of that.” I knew what I expected from certain topics but there were some that were 50/50, so it was pretty suspenseful. But when I opened my results, I was relieved.

Race will get A levels in biology, chemistry, math and English and wants to go to medicine.

Kimberly Onen decides which college to go to for A levels in geography, biology, and chemistry after earning an 8th year GCSE in biology and four 7th year, among others. “I only slept about two hours last night,” she says.

GCSE Results Day at the Islington School of <a class=Arts and Media. Islington Council Photo ” class=”” loading=”lazy” title=””/>

GCSE Results Day at the Islington School of Arts and Media. Islington Council Photo
– Credit: Archant

“I want to do medicine, but if I don’t go down that road, I would like to do biochemistry. Most of the pressure on me was on my own, so I could proudly return to my parents and find a job.

Mahed Shakur has also been to the moon, who even surprised himself with a 7th grade in math, fueling plans to follow his older siblings to college.

“I was really happy with it,” he said. “If I had had more time for the exam, I would have done even better. I have always had a passion for math since the reception.

Mahed started grade 11 with a grade 3 standard in English, but worked hard and graduated in grade 6 this summer. “My class had two teachers throughout the week and they continued to inspire and encourage me to do well. I’m proud of it, ”he added.

Nasra Abubakar will head to one of Islington’s sixth grade colleges to study chemistry and psychology after graduating two years 7, three years 6 and two each of years 5 and 4. “My mother called me and she was so happy when I told her what I got, she said. “I think if you like to do it, you’re going to want to study it.”

Other achievements include Mazin Ali, who achieved four grade 9 results in math, chemistry, physics and computer science.

Susan Service, Director of AMSI, added: “I am extremely pleased with the results of our students as it represents hard work and resilience to achieve grades that demonstrate excellent progress.

“The staff worked tirelessly to allow our students to do their best and the smiling faces on results day tell us it was worth it. Well done to everyone involved as we celebrate their success in the AMSI community.

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