Islington Arts and Media School students celebrate GCSE results as staff welcome new grading system


The Islington School of Arts and Media achieved a “really satisfying” overall GCSE score, with almost two-thirds of students reaching Grade 4 or above in English and Math combined.

Grade 4, which for you and me is a low C grade, is part of the new grading system for math and English – and from next year most subjects – which replace letters with numbers . Instead of A * to G, it is now 9 to 1.

Jayden Jean-Paul-Denis and Daniel Ash both achieved at least eight grades from A * to A and had no problem adjusting to the new learning system.

“I was the most worried about math, but I got an 8, close to a 9,” Jayden said. “The new system is much harder, but you just have to study harder. I was really nervous overall. I had a dream where I missed everything. I am going to the London Academy of Excellence to study Biology, English Literature and Computer Science.

Daniel added: “I am very happy with the English language and literature, for which I got an 8 and a 9. I expected a 6 in both. When I opened the envelope I thought it was my math grade because I’ve always been good at math.

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Daniel continues to study mathematics, mathematics, physics and Spanish at King’s College London Mathematics School in Lambeth, and hopes to continue studying engineering at the university.

Anne-Marie Dixon, Deputy Headmistress of Turle Road School, Finsbury Park, said that overall the school welcomed the government’s overhaul of the grading system – particularly the introduction of scores “Progress 8” and “Attainment 8”.

Progress 8 measures student progress between Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4 in eight subjects and Attainment 8 the average score in these same areas.

“For schools like ours, we really welcome the measurement of progress,” Ms. Dixon said. “We have a good proportion of students with low scores in step 2 of the key. We know that the work we do with them takes them forward in a meaningful way and that this being recognized is something we really appreciate. “

The school’s progress and achievement 8 marks should be in line with the national average. Among the pupils who took EBacc subjects – English, Mathematics, Science, Humanity and Foreign Language – 28pc obtained grades from A * to C.

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