iNDAMP to provide networking, benefits and more to media, arts and entertainment professionals

SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio — Matt Greminger is back. At 28, Greminger and close friend and business partner since high school, Daven Compton, are working on a business venture that will connect media, arts and entertainment professionals in ways that help them better network and provide benefits. .

Both millennials are no strangers to business creation. Greminger, at age 13, started his first business with Compton, a recording company, and by age 16 had rented office space for that company, Gremin-M Studio.

Greminger went on to own nearly a dozen businesses in photography, editing, video, and promotion. Additionally, in 2018, he received press attention for composing what he hopes will be the official song for the fledgling US Space Force, which just days ago received its first official federal funding.

Compton, a resident of Richmond Heights, is a graduate of what is now known as Ohio Media School and has experience negotiating artist deals with major record labels and voice acting. independent artists in the local Cleveland market.

Together the two are back in business, having formed iNDAMP – the international network of digital arts and media professionals – which is set to launch as a global media platform on February 1.

When launched, iNDAMP will aim to provide members with a suite of modern networking and marketing tools, public profiles, free copyright registrations and legal support services to protect their creations from counterfeit. The network will also provide employer-type benefits, which Greminger and Compton say is another critical need for many artists and modern media professionals.

As Greminger explains, “One of the most important things to understand about these industries is that they are connected in as many ways as they are different. It is impossible to successfully complete a project in one of these areas without at some point having to work with another professional in a different area to bring together other aspects of the final product.

Greminger believes that most of the projects that come to fruition in these industries are the result of synergy.

“A model, for example, cannot be a model without a photographer,” he said. “Why should a model rely on an association of photographers to make contacts when models can make their own contacts?

“Most artists – especially those involved in the performing arts, such as singers and musicians – are self-employed and don’t have benefits like someone working for a bank or hospital” , said Greminger.

“These are people who spend their lives perfecting their craft to share with the rest of us, which improves our lives immeasurably. What if they don’t deserve to have access to the same benefits as the rest of the world , that doesn’t “That doesn’t seem very fair to me. So we did something about it.”

Planned benefits are those offered by some of the world’s largest employers, including access to group rate insurance plans, daily expense discounts, subscription services and more.

Media, arts and entertainment professionals can learn about the benefits iNDAMP will offer, the professions it will link and more by visiting its website, The cost to become an iNDAMP member is $99 per year.

Talking about copyright benefits, Greminger said, “Members get five free copyrights a year, and even if you’re not a member, the cost is $29.99 to protect something.

“After five free royalties for members, they’re only $9.99 each. And, if you don’t use all five in one year, they roll over to the next year.

To celebrate the February 1 launch, iNDAMP will be hosting giveaways. The first will be for an independent artist, who will receive a personalized distribution package of their work worth $6,000.

Currently, five giveaways are planned, totaling $40,000. These giveaways serve to highlight some of the brands that will be offering discounts on their products to iNDAMP members.

Greminger said he had worked in the past to bring together legal servers and private investigators who had not received benefits before. He said it was a natural step for him and Compton to bring together those who work at the companies where the two iNDAMP founders worked for several years.

According to a statement from iNDAMP, 30,000 arts, entertainment and media professionals are expected to sign in the company’s first year.

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