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Hawk Point, MO- Common Sense, the national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children and families thrive in a world of media and technology, has recognized Hawk Point Elementary as a common sense school.

Hawk Point Elementary has demonstrated a commitment to taking a whole community approach to preparing its students to think critically and use technology responsibly to learn, create, and participate while preparing them for the perils that exist in the online realm. such as plagiarism, loss of privacy and cyberbullying. With the right support, kids can take ownership of their digital lives, tackle real issues, and change their communities for the better. This recognition recognizes our school‘s commitment to creating a culture of digital citizenship.

“We commend the faculty and staff at Hawk Point Elementary for embracing digital citizenship as an important part of their students’ education,” said Kelly Mendoza, vice president of education programs at Common Sense Education. . “Hawk Point Elementary deserves praise for giving its students the foundational skills they need to compete and succeed in the 21st century workplace and participate ethically in society at large.”

Hawk Point Elementary uses Common Sense Education’s innovative, research-based digital citizenship resources, which were created in collaboration with researchers from Project Zero, led by Howard Gardner at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and are based on the real problems of students and faced by teachers.

The resources teach students, educators, and parents real-world skills related to internet safety, protecting online reputations and privacy, balancing media, managing online relationships, and media education. The free K-12 curriculum is used in classrooms in all 50 states, in more than 80,000 schools by more than 1,00,000 educators.

“We are honored to be recognized as a school of common sense,” said Ms. Eigenseher, Director of HPE. “By preparing our students to use technology safely and responsibly, we provide them with the opportunity to develop lifestyle habits to help them succeed in a technology-driven world.”

Hawk Point Elementary School is located in the heart of Hawk Point. They are one of seven kindergarten through fifth grade school buildings in the Lincoln County R-III School District and the educational home to approximately 150 students. Their mission is to provide a positive and academically successful small family atmosphere. The building is led by Principal Jennifer Eigenseher.

The above initiative was spearheaded by Latchkey building manager (before and after school care), RJ Carter.

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