Hawaii Community College’s Digital Media Arts Program Expands to Palamanui

A digital media arts student edits a video in the digital media arts lab at Hawaii CC

As of fall 2016, Hawaii community college will begin offering an Associate of Science degree in digital media arts and will also begin offering digital media arts courses at Campus Palamanui in Kona.

“Digital media has become an essential part of many businesses and organizations, but until now, there was no digital media degree program on Hawaii Island,” the acting chancellor said. Joni Onishi. “By adding the degree and offering courses at Pālamanui, we are able to provide more opportunities for more students in areas such as design, entertainment and media which are expected to continue to grow.”

The three courses offered at Pālamanui are Introduction to Visual Arts, Introduction to Computation Arts, and Two-Dimensional Design. The Introductory Visual Arts course fulfills a general education requirement and can be useful to students from many different study programs. The other two courses meet specific requirements for the Associate’s Degree in Digital Media Arts Science and the Proficiency Certificate.

Read it Hawaii Community College press release to learn more about the Digital Media Program.

—By Thatcher Moats

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