Good Day Shoutout – HBCU Summit, Ozark Media Arts Fest

We know you are doing amazing things in the community winning awards and creating programs to make our community better and more.

That’s why we want to thank you.

First, we congratulate the organizers of an inaugural event. Over the weekend, Walmart and Sam’s Club hosted an HBCU Summit. 61 students from historically black colleges and universities had the opportunity to network, attend workshops, and learn more about northwest Arkansas. Kudos to the Black-Owned NWA for Coordinating a Black Business Expo Where Students Learned About Local Black-Owned Businesses

Here is a tribute to a festival featuring students in the media. The annual Ozark Media Arts Festival serves to connect education with industry. The festival took place over the weekend and brought together approximately 500 students from across the state to participate in on-site competitions and workshops. It’s a way for students to compete in real-world, hands-on industries like film and journalism.

Here’s a big thank you to Gordon. You might remember Gordon and his owner Wendy Wickersham stopping by the show when he was up for People magazine’s World’s Cutest Rescue Dog. Well, your votes did, and we’re thrilled to report that Gordon has indeed won the coveted title. Gordon has beaten over 9,000 rescue dogs. His prize includes a year’s supply of dog food and a $1,000 donation to the Wickersham Animal Shelter of Choice.

We would love to thank you. You can send your photos or videos to [email protected] Be sure to put “Good Day Shoutouts” in the subject line so we don’t miss your message.

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