FUNN continues to tap the creative potential of aspiring media arts professionals through workshops

Sharjah: FUNN, the Sharjah-based organization dedicated to promoting and supporting media arts learning among children and young people, took the young participants on a creative journey to discover their inner artists through a series of recently held virtual workshops.

One lucky FUNN participant was chosen to enroll in the annual overseas program and had the privilege of learning the intricacies of filmmaking at the New York Film Academy’s online summer camp.

Other moviegoers aged 17 and over learned the basics of filmmaking from Emirati filmmaker Obaid Alhamoodi during a week-long workshop held in conjunction with the Oman Film & Theater Society and the newspaper Al Roya.

A live Instagram Q&A session with popular young Emirati artist Ali Kashwani, highlighted his creative process and approach to art, and enthused the young participants who understood the importance of establishing a perfect hand-eye harmony for artistic creation.

Jameela Ahmed gave kids ages 6-12 a crash course in stop motion animation. The workshop held in conjunction with Children Center not only gave children an insight into the world of animation, but also provided hands-on lessons in the basics of creating their own stop motion projects.

FUNN also organized a one-day food photography workshop for Sharjah City Students/Staff for Humanitarian Services. Renowned food photographer Fatma Omar taught attendees how to create ideal backdrops for capturing food and drink photos, and showed them how to accessorize their ensembles to create beautiful images.

By popular demand, FUNN hosted a vector art workshop that taught attendees ages 13 and up to create graphic art from any image using Adobe Illustrator software.


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