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The Japanese government’s Ministry of Cultural Affairs announced the winners of the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival Awards on Sunday.

the Naoki Urasawa presents Manben neo –Yoshikazu Yasuhiko program won the entertainment division’s grand prize. The festival also rewarded Polygon images President and CEO Shūzō Shiota and professor and creator of belne manga with a Special Achievement Award.

Winners from the Animation Division and the Manga Division include:

Entertainment department

Grand Prize

Animated short film “The Fourth Wall” by Mahboobeh Kalaee (Iran)

Excellence Award

Dozens of Nords animated film by Koji Yamamura (Japan)

Fortune favors Lady Nikuko animated film by Sanma Akashiya and Ayumu Watanabe (Japan)

Animated short “Letter to a Pig” by Tal Kantor (Israel)

sonny boy TV anime series by Shingo Natsume (Japan)

Social Impact Award

Pui Pui Molcar animated tv series by Tomoki Misato (Japan)

New Face Award

ODDTAXI TV anime series from Kadzuya Konomoto and Baku Kinoshita (Japan)

Animated short “A Bite of Bone” by Honami Yano (Japan)

“Yallah!” animated short by Nayla Nassar, Edouard Pitula, Renaud de Saint Albin, Cécile Adant and Anaïs Sassatelli (France)

Manga Pole

Grand Prize

golden raspberry by Aki Mochida (Japan)

Excellence Award

Darwin Jihen (The Darwin Incident) by Shun Umezawa (Japan)

Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction by Inio Asano (Japan)

Hokkyoku Hyakkaten no Janitor-san (Hokkyoku Department Store Janitor) by Tsuchika Nishimura (Japan)

The Best We Could Do: An Illustrated Memoir by Thi Bui (USA)

Social Impact Award

Onna no Sono no Hoshi by Yama Wayama (Japan)

New Face Award

Kitsune to Tanuki to Iinazuke (Fiancé and two creatures) by Seiichi Tokiwa (Japan)

Korogu Kyōdai (Rolling Siblings) by Tsubumi Mori (Japan)

lost boy london by Shinya Shima (Japan)

Last year the Don’t Touch Eizouken! the TV anime series won the animation division grand prize and Chica Uminoit’s Mars is coming like a lion manga won the manga division grand prize.

Sources: Japan Media Arts Festivalby Mainichi Shimbun Mantan Web

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