Cronkite School celebrates Media Literacy Week


This is Media Literacy Week, an event hosted by the National Association of Media Literacy Education that involves using news, social media, movies, and music to better develop critical thinking skills. We learned more from Kristy Roschke, Executive Director of News Co / Lab at ASU’s Cronkite School of Journalism.

Media literacy is intended to give people an introduction to what media literacy is and how people can practice media literacy.

“The most standard definition is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, create and act on media messages, when you think about it like that, all the ways that information impacts us in everything. what we do, ”said Roschke.

This includes media of all types and not just news, such as movies, music, books. The News Co / Lab focuses on news media, but media education encompasses a wider field than that.

“All of these types of messages that we consume every day, they impact us and how we can react to them critically is very important,” Roschke said.

Roschke considers media literacy essential 21st century literacy because of how media messages affect everyday life.

During Media Literacy Week, many events are organized by Cronkite School to celebrate and teach Media Literacy. There are also many educational tools for teaching young children media literacy.

The News / Co Lab offers a free online introductory media literacy course that anyone can take, where people can learn what makes a credible source and how to spot disinformation.


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