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Study Communication and Media Arts (CMA) in the communication capital of the world! Whether you are interested in television, film, digital media, journalism, or public relations and advertising, majors in the Communication and Media Arts Division will prepare you for a successful career in an industry that continues to grow. evolve and grow. In our creative campus, with the help of CityEdgethese majors provide students with flexibility in their work to become experts, leaders, and professionals in their field of interest.

Our programs

the Communication Arts Major offers students the flexibility to build their own major that incorporates coursework from other areas of study, including communication theory, media history, interpersonal and organizational communication, production, creative media, media studies media reviews and professional and promotional communication.

the Film and Media Studies Major is aimed at students interested in a career in the media industry. Students will learn practical approaches to contemporary media while learning media art in the digital age.

the Major in Film and Media Production (BFA) is intended for students interested in hands-on training in film, television, web media, and interactive and emerging media production. Students in this major take full advantage of our location in New York City – the media capital of the world – where unparalleled opportunities are available for students looking to gain hands-on experience in their chosen field.

the Digital Journalism Major is for students who want to engage in a cross-media platform approach that incorporates the basics of print media, but also embraces new storytelling formats such as blogs, podcasts, and streaming video. Students interested in journalism can also pursue a minor in journalism.

the Major in Public Relations and Strategic Communication is aimed at students interested in learning the techniques and practices of promotional communication, professional communication, advertising and social media practices.

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