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GOSHEN – Teens at the Goshen and Elkhart Boys & Girls clubs in Elkhart County are immersed in the media arts.

The program has been organized for a few years at the Elkhart Teen Club by Quenton Williams. He is now teaming up with Noah Riehl at the Goshen Club to deliver it there.

“When I met Q, we wanted to bring Elkhart and Goshen together to build something really cool for kids,” Riehl said.

Like Williams, Riehl has been involved in various media for years.

“I’ve been in music since I was six,” Riehl said. “I worked in Sweetwater Sound and was in bands.”

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, you’ll find a group of teenagers developing beats, practicing singing, taking photos and videos, or designing artwork for sets.

“Not every kid wants to play a guitar or an instrument, but they want to be part of the music,” Riehl said. “We show them things they can actually do at home without too much investment.”

Members are committed to the process and all come for a different reason.

“I just wanted to try new things – I see how to open myself up and find new things to do, so I focus on photography,” said Alayah Malone.

Lilian Stoneburner would like to create sets

“I love rock and roll music,” she said. “I mostly do art work, but I like to listen to music, so I thought it would be fun.”

Other members of the group are invested in musical creation. Kerrington Lee took a seat in front of a microphone to practice creating lyrics for a rap song.

“I was an underdog who was good at music – I really want to elevate that,” he said. “I want to make music and keep talking about my life.”

Joshua Polasky says music is a family affair in his home.

“Me and my dad love music,” he said. “Mr. Q gave me the chance to learn more about music. When I heard Noah was doing this here in Goshen and Mr. Q was coming too, I jumped at the chance.

Williams and Riehl hope the program will grow and attract more teens interested in getting introduced to the field.

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