Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts Turns Old Bookstore into High Tech Creative Space | Theater

“Emerging media is technology,” Elliott said. “Media arts is creativity. Some examples are virtual reality, virtual production, sound arts, experience design, games, and animation.

In fact, the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Emerging Media Arts program will have eight accent options that students will choose in their second year.

They are: virtual production (3D modeling, animation, motion graphics); immersive and interactive media (games, VR, AR, XR, applications); history (writing for emerging media arts); experience design (design of projects that synthesize the virtual and the real); sound arts (sound design); sensory media (physical computing, portable technologies); data and art (generating art with AI, data and the internet of things) and cinematic arts (filmmaking).

Megan Elliott, Director of the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts

Courtesy photo

“Our goal is for students to get their dream job or raise money to start the business of their dreams right out of school,” said Elliott, an Australian who was ranked as one of the ” 50 most influential women for the future, ”and co-founder of X Media Lab, a media and entrepreneurship program she has brought to 14 countries and 22 cities around the world.

But those jobs won’t necessarily be in some form of entertainment, whether it’s movies, games, or animation. They also won’t necessarily be in California, Texas, New York, or other high-tech hubs.

Emerging media arts students will be required to do what Elliott called a “deep dive” into another discipline in which they can apply their creativity and skills. And in today’s world, those jobs could be as easily located in Lincoln as anywhere.

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